Spelljammer - Moonrise

Act one: Mud heap

seriously how did they find that island?

7th level campaign with a human monk sailor, a human bard with leadership, and a human mystic theurge with a penchant for necromancy, the necromancer is the only good aligned character, this bodes poorly

it begins with back story on the players involvement in the unspeakable war
“for your heroism the ruler of the red isles awarded you the island of coppergreen bay, it was an interesting way to learn he didn’t actually like you. Now you’re stuck ruling an island on the edge of the terrible siege sea, its mostly mud and cliffs and the only interesting thing about it is how the mud pile had managed to stay whole under the seas wrath, hardly anyone lived here and the few pig farmers paid you less in tax than it cost to buy a cheese, you were wealthy but only from the spoils of war won from the unspeakable warlord, you could afford to build a castle but it would never stand in this muck, you had only lived here a week in the province of copper hollow as a guest of the mayor while you surveyed your island and you already hated it more than scrack the torturer who held you prisoner for six days during the war, it was the worst place ever and making the heroes who saved the world live here was an asshole move.”

the characters begun wanting to leave the island and can you blame them?

they decide to elect a local to manage the island in their absence, they elect a pig, it is hereto referred to as mayor pig.

a local comes in claiming that his daughter is lost in the rain, players can smell rail-road but their alignments (mainly neutral) compel them to go in search of the lost girl.

the bard’s player has to go, they split up in game to explain it, the rains are so heavy that they have to shelter up against a fence post, they see a carved wooden face at the base

they hang on to the post through a mud slide, the post is no post at all as this is unburied
a ship over five miles inland and up a steep hill the “face” is a prow

inside they find a metal chair (the helm) and a clockwork half sphere.

they assumed the bard would find the girl (he did with the help of mayor pig) and took the contents of the ship down hill to the cabin they were staying in, the monk opys to ride the metal chair down the slope and would have contracted tetanus were it not for a handy class feature.

on the back of the chair it says Beyond the farthest star and faster than you can believe there is more but it has faded, they take it to their ship and start experimenting in it using the monk, “Mr bones” the necromancers pet undead skeleton named for this article, a filth crap the monk catches named captain filthy, and finally the necromancer who can pilot it being the only active spell caster (note they had player knowledge of how to accomplish this but refused to use it, I love my players) they took off in reverse and figured out how to fly, they flew over the island to retrieve the bard and his followers, they set sail for the necromancers home country and more specifically her favorite restaurant, realising they couldn’t land a boat in land even on the thorny marsh of the Grimbric country the necromancer had a tantrum and flew a circuit of the planet bearing north, taking the longest way posible, mainly to prove wizards “sphere world theory” correct, they happend upon a pre-existing island in the Siege-Sea with a castle on it and more improbably a Spelljammer dock, no ship can sail the siege so they assumed that it produced its own food from the small farm.

they slept in the docked ship with Mr bones as watch (they had been flying for 10 hours straight) the nest day they explored the island and entered the keep, it was maintained by golems but otherwise abandoned or so it seemed, while searching they ran into a paladin, he looked young but was really a sort of positive aligned lich who had been standing in that hallway for 1300 years, he was ordered to guard a door which he was never to open, he was the last of the sapphire circle, an order of spelljamming knights dedicated to keeping the sphere safe, he claims not to care about the keep other than the door, he necromancer finds the library of rare books and the monk finds the giant riding eagle roost and rides an eagle after learning rudimentary Aurin.

after finding out that visitors can only take 2 book from the library (the necromancer trys to over come this by getting each member of the crew to take out books she needs) the group ask about how to join, they have to claim exstellaber the epic sword from the dungion in the heart of the sun. and I bet you thought I was a monty hall DM, thay are told that the method of getting to the heart of the sun lies on the nearby planet of Mote.


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